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It is important that you are aware of the demands of the modern consumer, who needs to meet their needs much faster thanks to the internet. Find out with us how to revolutionize your relationship with your target audience.


The SMS MENSAGENS Platform is a product of the Target Virtual Marketing & Communication Agency. For many years he has been involved in the management of sponsored links campaigns and the development of digital platforms. In 2014 this know-how was extended to the management of mobile campaigns, when it was detected the need to develop the SMS Messages Platform. SMS Messaging is the first platform to integrate sending WhatsApp and SMS into a single marketing and communication automation environment. Keep browsing and learn more.

All In One Platform

In SMS MESSAGES you manage all the sending and receiving in a single environment, for example, to send a message, just select the channel you want to use (SMS or WhatsApp), import your list, select the destination country and send your campaign. If you want to use only one of the two channels, that's fine, just let us know which channel you want to enable in your environment and that's it, the values practiced are the same for both. Keep browsing for the conditions of each service and find out how we can help your business relate to your target audience.

SMS Marketing
Management of marketing campaigns and relationship by SMS (Brazil and USA).
WhatsApp Marketing
Management of marketing and relationship campaigns by WhatsApp (Global).
Robotized service management by WhatsApp (Global).

WhatsApp Marketing

B2C Marketing and Relationship Campaign Management Platform

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications in the world, with about 1.3 billion monthly users and 1 billion users daily, the application has become one of the most used means for business and personal communication. In view of this virtual phenomenon, Virtual Target has added a new module to the SMS Messaging Platform that will now allow bulk WhatsApp to be sent globally, as well as being able to program keywords that will automate the activation of predefined responses (BOT). See below the frequently asked questions to answer your questions.

Which WhatsApp number will I use for my campaigns?

For plans that include a dedicated number, we provide you with a number or if you prefer, you can use your own number. For signatures with a shared number we provide you with a number and you canít use your own.

Can I send dynamic data to multiple contacts by loading an Excel file?

Yes, you can dynamically load data from an Excel file simply by stating the columns you want to import into your message, eg Dear {B}, your ticket {C} expires on {D}, write down your barcode {E} for payment. You can send to thousands of contacts simultaneously with just one click. This feature is also active for SMS sending.

What kind of files I cand send?

In addition to texts, you can send images from your computer or cell phone, uploading it through the platform itself, and you can also send URLs containing any kind of content (HTML, Video, Audio and PDF).

How do I set up automatic keywords and responses for BOT?

We will make for you the programming of your automated service, registering all the keywords and automatic answers that you need. This service is free for our customers!

Is there any setup fee for dedicated channels?

The fee is 50 USD for purchasing a DEDICATED channel, you will pay this fee monthly while you wish to have the dedicated number paired with our platform.

Do I have access to reports on the Platform?

Yes, timestamps, traffic filter (today, last 7 days, this month, last 3 months, last 6 months and this year), in addition you will also have a graph showing the shipments by country and also the messages sent successfully or that have displayed an error. It is worth emphasizing that the inbox will only be enabled for customers who subscribe to plans with a dedicated number.

What is the minimum amount I can hire?

The minimum quantity is 5.000 units (325,00 BRL). Please note that responses sent to your WhatsApp will not be debited from your balance.

Does the platform provide API for system integration for sending WhatsApp?

Yes, in your user area you will have access to your unique API to integrate WhatsApp upload to any system, and you will still have access to the full reports through your user area.

SMS Marketing

Our plans are perfect for small, medium and large companies from a wide range of segments, and in addition, since our bulk plans are extremely affordable, they are also perfect for partner companies that are interested in reselling our services. Check out all the advantages that you will only find in SMS MENSAGENS

Do you use Shortcode as the sender of the messages?

Yes, our routes are high performance and quality.

Does the Platform have Response Automation (BOT) capability?

Yes, this feature allows you to create many different keyword-based responses. It allows you to set up automated responses to incoming messages based on the keywords contained in the message.

Does the Platform offer reports?

Yes, in your area, you will have a graph showing statistics of submissions (sent and failed), reports with recent traffic, traffic by country (when applied), traffic filter (today, last 7 days, this month, last 3 months, last 6 months and this year), besides everything, in the historical tab you will have access to the detailed shipments (SMS, WhatsApp), and you are able to export your history in CSV format.

Does the platform provide API for integration into systems for sending SMS?

Yes, after acquiring any plan, through your user area, you will have access to your unique API where you can integrate to any type of system in a simple and fast way.

Can I schedule SMS submissions?

Yes, in addition to scheduling the shipments with the date and time, you can also schedule the repetition of these shipments. Imagine that you will have to send the same message every day to the same group of users by selecting "Daily".

Need guidance to integrate our solutions with your project?

Please tell us your needs to help with your project.


Exclusive Features for Agencies

Have your own white-label reseller with full autonomy to add new customers, create SMS and WhatsApp plans, add payment gateways and custom it with your colors and logo. All this at no extra cost!

Integrate PayPal
PayPal integration to sell your plans to your customers.
Custom the User Area
Custom the platform with the visual identity of your company.
Disclose your address
Disclose your address; we'll point the platform to your URL.
Ticket System
System for opening and managing your customers' tickets.
Create Your Plans
Create your own plans to deliver through your environment.
Create Vouchers
Create promotional vouchers for your marketing actions.
Provide your own API
Have access to your own API for delivery.
Balance of Transactions
Have a summary of all transactions performed by your customers.