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It is important that you are aware of the demands of the modern consumer. Discover the many features that only in SMS Messaging you will find and how to revolutionize the relationship with your target audience through it.


The SMS MENSAGENS platform is a product of the Target Virtual Marketing and Communication Agency. Target has been providing digital marketing consulting services to educational institutions and companies from many different segments in Brazil and the United States for many years, and has also been involved in the development of digital platforms for marketing professionals. In 2014, taking advantage of all know-how, the SMS Messaging Platform is born, which is currently one of the largest and most complete tools for SMS marketing and communication management. To better understand, keep browsing and find out how SMS MENSAGENS can help your business.

SMS Shortcode 2-Way

Our plans are perfect for small, medium and large companies of the most varied segments. Check out all the advantages that you will only find in SMS MENSAGENS.

Do you use Shortcode as the sender of the messages?

SMS MENSAGENS only works with 2-Way shortcode routes of the highest quality and speed.

Does the platform have Response Automation (BOT) capability?

Yes, this feature allows you to create many different keyword-based responses. Lets you set up automated responses for incoming messages based on the keywords contained in the message. See the Terms of Use (Item 10.1) for use of this service.

Does the platform have an SMS Chat feature?

Yes, for this you will earn a unique Shortcode where all the submissions and receipts will be linked to it, so you can start conversations through SMS Chat (free service). The conversation history will be recorded in your Chat module and there will be future conversations with recurring users, they will already be in the same chat automatically. Next to each Chat will appear the number of interactions that have not yet been visualized.

Can I create opt-in marketing lists?

Yes, for this you just need to create a marketing, keyword and autoresponder list (free service) in your environment. When you submit a marketing campaign requesting the keyword you created and the user responds to the SMS by entering this keyword, and the user is automatically entered into your marketing list, the user will also receive a pre-defined automatic response from you.

Does the platform offer reports?

Yes, in your environment you will have a graph showing statistics of submissions (sent and failed), reports with recent traffic, traffic by country (when applied), traffic filter (today, last 7 days, this month, last 3 months , last 6 months and this year), besides everything, in the historical tab you will have access to the detailed shipments, besides, to be able to export your history in the format CSV.

Does the platform provide API for integration into systems for sending SMS?

Yes, after acquiring any plan, through your environment, you will have access to your unique API where you can integrate to any type of system in a simple and fast way.

Does the platform have an inbox for the SMSs answered?

Yes, all the messages that are answered will fall into your Inbox, where you will even have the possibility to reply with a single click if you wish.

Can I schedule SMS submissions?

Yes, in addition to scheduling the shipments with the date and time, you can also schedule the repetition of these shipments. Imagine that you will have to send the same message every day to the same group of users by selecting "Daily".

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